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  • Comfort hardware for large sliding doors

    Comfort hardware for large sliding doors

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Energy Efficiency

An innovative sealing concept and a standard integrated enhanced threshold reliably provide optimum sealing properties with our "Lift&Slide"system.

  • Seals right round the door
  • The highest sealing values on the market beat even the worst weather conditions:
    - impermeability against driving rain DIN EN 1026/12207: Grade 9A
    - Air permeability: DIN EN 1027/12208: Grade 4 
  • The enhanced threshold with a special mix of thermally insulating materials provides optimum isothermal efficiency and prevents cold bridges and condensation even when the outside temperature falls to below -15°C
  • This can mean significant energy consumption reductions

As an alternative, we can supply an aluminium flexible threshold with single thermal break.

Komfort-Bodenschwelle für optimale Wärmedämmung
Isothermenverläufe außen/innen Holzprofil

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