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  • Comfort hardware for large sliding doors

    Comfort hardware for large sliding doors

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Electric Drive Technology for Timber Profiles

The Drive technology for Roto Patio Life timber and timber/aluminium profiles allows fully-automatic, extremely comfortable operation of large and heavy sliding doors weighing up to 400 kg.

This means that sliding, locking and secure night ventilation are done without effort and pleasantly quietly – either via a switch on the wall or via remote operation.

Upon contact with an obstacle, the sash stops automatically and thereby prevents persons or objects from being trapped. Manual unlocking, for example in the event of a power failure, is possible at any time.

The easy-to-install drive (Plug-and-play) is not fitted on the sash or frame, but is instead located invisibly under the screed in the floor. Not even its cover is visible, as the inspection cover is located under the floor covering.
With this innovation, the Roto Patio Life guarantees that the door has an extremely high-quality and attractive appearance that will appeal to even the most demanding customers.

For now the drive technology for Roto Patio Life is only available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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