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  • Comfort hardware for large sliding doors

    Comfort hardware for large sliding doors

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The stand-out convenience feature of our Patio Life "Lift&Slide" hardware is the extremely simple movement of large and heavy doors.

Unlike with ordinary Lift&Slide systems, instead of the entire sash just the horizontal seal is raised or lowered by moving the handle in order to open and close the door, allowing the sash to be pushed sideways without using force. It couldn't be more convenient!

But Roto Patio Life offers even more:

  • Concealed night ventilation: Rotating the door handle upwards opens only the upper seal, allowing simple yet efficient ventilation that's not visible from outside – the sliding doors remain fully locked and neither rain nor dirt nor insects can enter
  • Enhanced threshold for barrier-free living and optimum thermal insulation
  • All-round seals for maximum impermeability values among comparable systems
  • Drive technology for timber profiles: The optional electric drive for Roto Patio Life is installed concealed in the floor and can be operated either via wall switch or radio control (sliding, locking, secure night ventilation)
  • The logical and intuitive handle movement means that mishandling and operating errors are not possible
  • The handle's locked position is the same as on standard Tilt&Turn windows ("downwards") and not as is normal for Lift&Slide ("upwards")
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