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  • Premium Hardware for Fold&Slide Systems with a Large Surface

    Premium Hardware for Fold&Slide Systems with a Large Surface

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Our Fold&Slide hardware makes the handling of Fold&Slide doors for large openings up to a frame width of 6 m especially simple and comfortable.

  • All door elements are folded and pushed to the side to save space for optimum room use
  • An integral Tilt&Turn sash can be used as a passage or for ventilation like a terrace or balcony door independently of the folding elements
  • Variable opening types, opening inwards or outwards
  • Energy-efficient, barrier-free comfort threshold with improved isothermal efficiency
  • Optimised bogies on ball bearings, with quiet rollers made of PVC instead of stainless steel for more comfort and durability
  • Small brushes in the rollers ensure a largely dirt-free roller track
  • A cover strip with anti-slide grooves protects against soiling in the passage area
  • Optional enhanced threshold for barrier-free living
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Roto Patio Fold

Roto Patio Fold

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