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  • Universal hardware for minimum effort in Parallel Sliding and Tilt&Slide systems

    Universal hardware for minimum effort in Parallel Sliding and Tilt&Slide systems

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Minimal. Universal.

Minimal outlay required in manufacturing, storage and logistics with universal use – these are the ideas behind Roto Patio Alversa, the universal hardware for Parallel Sliding and Tilt&Slide windows.

Minimal manufacturing outlay

Compatible assemblies and standardised work steps simplify assembly across all product variants. The flexible replacement of individual components makes it possible to switch rapidly between the Parallel Sliding and Tilt&Slide systems in manufacturing, including the various ventilation functions. This minimises the production costs.
The working time is also reduced when installing the bogies, for example. The “bogie safety mechanism” component is no longer required, as the bogies already have this function in their housing. The bogie safety mechanism therefore does not have to be activated and operation steps can be omitted during installation.

Minimal storage and logistics outlay

The same central locking system from the established Roto NT and Roto AL ranges is used for all Roto Patio Alversa variants. Furthermore, the same handle can be used for all variants.

Intelligently combining components from the extensive Roto NT and Roto AL range with specific Roto Patio components, such as a bogie, scissors-slider or track set, ensures that a high proportion of common parts can be used across all variants.

Minimal administrative outlay

Less administrative outlay is required, as the reduced variety of parts simplifies the process of creating and managing master data.

Additional functions

Manufacturers of a Roto Patio Alversa | PS Air sliding system are able to fit their element with an especially high-performance additional lock-in position.
This is installed in the sliding scissor stay and will lock even very heavy sashes in the tilt position. This can be relied upon to prevent uncontrolled closure. The additional lock-in position is only activated if the sash is in the tilt position.
Roto Patio Alversa | PS Air hardware is prepared for the application of the additional lock-in position as standard. Manufacturers of aluminium, PVC or timber systems may order it as an accessory for sashes with an external centre of mass.

Heavy sashes in a Roto Patio Alversa | PS Air Com Tilt&Slide system are particularly easy to use. An additional tilt assistance element for installation in the sliding scissor stay reduces the torque at the handle when the sash is tilted in a process controlled by hardware.
Both the end user and the system manufacturer benefit from the installation of the new tilt assistance element as it increases comfort while at the same time reducing wear.
The Roto Patio Alversa | PS Air Com hardware, prepared for application of the tilt assistance element as standard, can be retrofitted with the tilt assistance element on request.

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