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  • The World's Biggest Selling Tilt&Turn Hardware System for Windows and Balcony Doors

    The World's Biggest Selling Tilt&Turn Hardware System for Windows and Balcony Doors

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Hardware Installation

Efficient hardware installation requires targeted measures for rationalisation and optimisation of the production processes to suit the requirements of your window construction company.

Our Roto NT hardware system based on the modular principle consists of perfectly harmonised components, and offers you many possibilities for meeting the many different demands of your customers as flexibly as possible.

  • All areas – from standard hardware with basic security right up to high-quality 'Comfort' or premium hardware – can be covered by a single hardware system
  • The high series standard can be individually optimised with just a few easy-to-use components
  • All components can always be clamped in the same locations, and can be connected quickly and easily via the patented Clip&Fit technology
  • The cropping ranges, hooking-in components and screw positions are identical on all connectable components
  • At Roto NT for aluminium profiles the stable diecast zinc angle of the hinge is positioned in the groove and fastened with screws. If the lower screw cannot be set because of a corner connector located in the profile, a glass-fibre reinforced PVC extension is clipped in so that the screw can be screwed in easily at another point

We have structured our automation concept for hardware installation on sashes and frames in modular levels that can be assigned to the many different production volumes and company sizes.

Each of these automation levels allows you unlimited flexibility. Restructurings are possible at any time, allowing you to react quickly and flexibly to changes on the market – for more profitable production and higher turnover.

  • Whether it's manual, machine-supported of fully-automatic hardware installation – our products can always be worked with without any problem, quickly and safely
  • You alone determine the level of rationalisation that fits in perfectly with your operations
  • All window types can be covered by a small range of parts, without the need to change machines
  • Our innovative hardware systems can be worked with various manufacturers' machines
  • Self-clip-fit components for all hardware grooves bring significant time savings

Do you have any more questions? Contact us – our competent application specialists and our Roto engineering team would be happy to give you individual advice!

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