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  • The World's Biggest Selling Tilt&Turn Hardware System for Windows and Balcony Doors

    The World's Biggest Selling Tilt&Turn Hardware System for Windows and Balcony Doors

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Living convenience has a high priority with end-users. Our Roto NT hardware system is based on a well-proven concept, which with its extensive accessories leaves hardly any customers' wishes unfulfilled and meets individual requirements for making everyday living more pleasant.

We combine components of the modular Roto NX/NT and Roto Eifel threshold systems to present a watertight zero barrier solution in the area of balcony doors. Different products such as

  • Thermally broken threshold Roto Eifel TB outward opening
  • Floor door-gasket Texel with tested water tightness up to 600 Pa
  • Design weather profile strip with new universal gasket (also applicable for double-sashed balcony doors)

and can be integrated; together they create a marketable system solution.


With out Roto NT lever-operated espagnolette Plus, the lever is especially simple and comfortable to operate by opening it vertically to the faceplate.

  • Optimised handling via logical direction of movement
  • Attractive lever with rubber-coated surface for a pleasant feel
  • When opened, virtually flush with overlap (170°)

The stay area with tilt restrictor provides a high level of convenience in the Roto NT standard version and is easy to use.

  • Individual tilt position: The tilt restrictor allows two tilt positions: The tilt opening depth can be set to 80 mm or 140 mm – for needs-based, controlled ventilation
  • Integrated anti-slam device in the secure tilt position: The window sash is arrested in the tilted position, preventing the window slamming in the event of wind or draught.
  • The window can be unhinged via the stay bearing pin or via the stay arm / stay guide connection
Kippweite 80 mm
Kippweite 140 mm

The turn restriction prevents unintentional closing-over of the sash when the window is open. It is integrated as standard into the stay arm and prevents the window from turning quickly.


The lifting mishandling device, which can be retrofitted without any problem, enables the window sash to run on the same level at all times.

  • Long-term sagging of the sash is effectively prevented
  • Incorrect operation of the window is prevented
  • The sash part can be clipped onto the espagnolette and the frame part height can be adjusted via eccentric pin

Our Roto NT night-vent ensures a regular supply of fresh air through a small ventilation opening.

The frame component for Tilt&Turn windows, which consists of just one element, can also be retrofitted without too much effort and is simply positioned next to the security striker without a jig.

And if an even more convenient solution is needed, the multi-stepped night-vent is exactly the right feature: Windows in storage rooms and utility rooms are often permanently tilted, something that is not always optimum as far as temperature is concerned. The 2-step / 3-step tilting position of the multi-step night-vent allows a narrower tilting angle as an alternative to the normal tilting depth.

In this way you can ensure a supply of fresh air round the clock without having to keep opening and closing the window.

And especially for Turn-Only windows our range includes the TurnPlus turn and opening restrictor.

Spaltlüfter mit Zusatzbauteil rechts neben Schließstück
Mehrstufiger Spaltlüfter

The TurnPlus function is specially designed for Turn-Only windows and – thanks to its turn and opening restrictor – allows slam-proof night ventilation in turn mode. The ventilation width can be set in three positions with the help of the handle position.

For Tilt&Turn windows, our range includes the Roto NT (multi-step) night-vent.

TurnPlus Lüftungsstellung
TurnPlus Drehbegrenzer im Rahmen

Individual ventilation made easy: The adjustable ventilation-stay enables the window's tilt depth to be variably adjusted so that the amount of ventilation suits different (weather) conditions.

  • Rotating the handle through 45° enables the window sash to be fixed in any desired tilting position
  • Narrower tilt depth in winter so that the room does not get cold, and a wider tilt depth in summer for sufficient fresh air
  • The built-in mishandling device prevents incorrect use in the turn position
  • Integrated anti-slam device in the secure tilt position: The window sash is arrested in the tilted position, preventing the window slamming in the event of wind or draught

Our concealed Roto electric window drive-unit E-Tec Drive that can be integrated into the hardware allows windows to be automatically tilted and locked by sensors, time switches or BUS systems, thereby ensuring comfortable and economical ventilation.

  • Regular programmable ventilation intervals create a pleasant room climate with air being changed as needed
  • Air-conditioning systems, heaters and extractor hoods can be controlled via the Roto MTS: As soon as the window is opened, the contact element integrated in the hardware controls the connected system in conjunction with a controllable thermostat sensor
  • Ideal for use in bathroom windows for preventing mildew, but heating cost savings are also possible in living room and bedroom thanks to controlled ventilation
  • Manual operation of the window is possible at all times
  • Suitable for Tilt-First or Tilt-Only windows with sash weights up to 100 kg
Roto E-Tec Drive...
...ideal in Badezimmern

The Roto NT arrestable brake-stay enables terrace and balcony doors to be conveniently locked in any desired turn position between 15° and 90° by simply moving the handle into the vertical locked position – a simple yet at the same time secure fix even when there are sudden gusts of wind.

This means that flower tubs or other objects that are often used to keep doors open or vases broken in draughts behind the door are now a thing of the past.


Magnetic bullet catches on balcony doors allow these doors to close gently on their own with a light touch.

  • The magnetic piece ensures a secure hold even without using the handle to lock
  • Operation is draught-resistant, low-noise and wear-free – the sash is prevented from slamming even in wind
  • Easily retrofittable, ideally suited for balcony and terrace doors
  • No more damaged curtains or curtains dirtied by lubricants due to being stuck in the window by a gust of wind (our convenient arrestable brake-stay can also help in this respect on terrace and balcony doors)
Magnetschnäpper am Flügel...
...und am Rahmen

The integrated positive control and the special handle on the Roto NT 'Comfort' window simplify opening and closing of windows that are difficult to reach, and also enable older and less mobile persons to open and close windows unaided.

  • The specially shaped handle is fitted to the sash horizontally at the bottom
  • Thanks to the handle's longer lever arm and the integrated positive control of the Roto NT 'Comfort' hardware, even large and heavy windows can be opened and closed conveniently without using force. The sash no longer has to be pulled or pushed to bring it into a tilted position. This is done automatically when the handle is actuated
  • Ideal for rooms in which access to the window is difficult due to large tables or floor cupboards
  • The handle can easily be reached even while seated
Roto NT Komfortfenster...
...z.B. im Arbeitszimmer
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