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  • Concealed hinge solution for windows and balcony doors with high sash weights up to 150 kg

    Concealed hinge solution for windows and balcony doors with high sash weights up to 150 kg

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Our Roto NT hardware boasts a high level of basic security even in the basic version and so provides greater burglary protection right from the outset.
You can easily integrate additional mechanical and electrical security and control elements to suit your individual needs – for maximum security and protection against break-ins, fire, gas and water.

The basic Roto NT lock concept consists of the simple retrofitting of centre locks with security cams and security strikers:

  • Due to the identical length, standard strikers can be easily and rapidly replaced with security strikers
  • All strikers are interchangeable without having to change the central locking system
  • All locking cam versions can be combined with the same strikers
  • All strikers have the same screwing axis, which means that no additional drilling is needed and no screw holes are visible
  • On the underside of the sash, the hardware is already fitted with a mushroom cam, that engages in the associated Tilt&Turn striker. This means that fewer additional components are needed for upgrading
  • Roto NT is tested and certified in accordance with DIN 18104-2 as burglar-inhibiting retrofit hardware
  • Roto NT is tested and certified in accordance with DIN EN 1627-1630 up to resistance class RC 3 for PVC profiles and resistance class RC 2 / RC 2N for timber profiles
  • No visible security components in comparison with conventional retrofit products

The following locking cam variants are available, with the security locking cams with mushroom head providing a particularly high level of security in conjunction with security strikers:

  • Locking cam E: Adjustable gasket compression +/- 0.8 mm
  • Locking cam P: Security mushroom cam with adjustable gasket compression +/- 0.8 mm
  • Locking cam V: Security mushroom cam with adjustable height +/- 0.8 mm and adjustable gasket compression +/- 0.8 mm

Thanks to a large stroke of 36 mm (optimum striker entry depth), the cam can engage securely into the striker even when production tolerances are high.
The two-dimensional cam collar guide also minimises material abrasion between the faceplate profile and the movable cam.

V-Zapfen in Eckumlenkung

The reverse-action centre lock provides effective protection against attempts to displace the window by means of violent, lateral jemmying

  • Two mushroom cams simultaneously engage both sides of the security striker for even stricter security requirements
  • The wear-resistant, two-dimensional cam travel in the faceplate guarantees optimum operation and movement qualities
  • We recommend this intelligent hardware component for use in ground floor and cellar windows
Gegenläufiger Mittelverschluss

For maximum security and protection against break-ins on windows and on balcony and terrace doors, we offer you special steel hooks from the Roto NT modular system that attain the same standard of security as on solid building doors.

  • The hooks made of hardened steel fully engage like swing hooks into the particularly stable steel strikers and hook in securely there
  • Modular hardware applications, e.g. also with standard or stay corner-drives
  • According to police statistics, balcony and terrace doors represent the greatest security risk. Steel hooks provide effective protection against jemmying by force
Stahlkreiszunge im Flügel

Security handles in the lockable version from our classical RotoLine and modern RotoSwing window handles range provide security against attempts to displace all the hardware from the outside.

In the case of the Secustik® window handle on the other hand, a special mechanism prevents the forced manipulation of the handle from the outside. This is the most attractive type of security on the window as it cannot be seen.


RotoLine Secustik®
RotoSwing abschließbar

Our window hardware with Tilt-First technology – the intelligent security mechanism for (children's) security windows with the “Tilt before Turn” window handle – is ideal for use in children's rooms and public buildings (particularly kindergartens and schools). This guarantees security and at the same time permits safe ventilation in the tilted position.

  • The window sash is locked in the tilted position when the handle is in the horizontal position
  • The lockable handle with the profile cylinder thereby prevents the possibility of changing from tilting to turning with the handle in the horizontal position in order to fully open the window
  • The window handle can only be turned up further with the handle key
  • If the window is to be used for a different purpose later, the safeguard can be removed relatively easily by changing the hardware
(1) Kipplüften
(2) Öffnen in Drehstellung nach dem Entriegeln

Where security requirements are very strict, we recommend supplementing mechanical security with electronic security:

  • Roto MVS
    As soon as a magnetic field is disturbed, for example during the violent opening of the window, the concealed detector sends a signal to the alarm control panel
  • Glass breakage detector for monitoring glazed surfaces

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