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    Hardware Systems for Simple Sliding Windows and Doors

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We can offer you various Roto Inline accessories so that you can put our streamlined range to even more versatile use and cover ever more applications with the same components. In addition to which, our range includes components to increase comfort and protect the hardware.

  • Spacers serve as adapters between the espagnolette and the sash profile, and allow the use of the entire range of Roto Inline espagnolettes in the versatile aluminium profiles
  • Buffer stop parts are fitted to the rear sash on the profile and protect the frame against damage if the sash is slammed. When two overlapping sashes without a
    pop-up handle on the rear sash are used, this protects the handle of this sash
  • Mishandling devices enable the locking points to be moved only when the door is closed. This prevents possible damage to the mechanism that may occur when the sliding sash is closed when the hardware is in the locked position. For espagnolettes with 14 mm hooks or claw hooks

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