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    Customised solutions for safe glazing

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The packing is a small but very important factor in the professional installation of glass. The glazing packer is an important connection between the frame and the edge of the glass. It ensures both the long-term operation of the window and keeps the glass in place securely and properly without any constraining forces over the entire life of the system.

In addition to the packer positioning, the width, length, stability, compatibility and the material hardness also play a major role here.

The most important tasks of the glazing packers are therefore:

  • Supporting rebate area ventilation and vapour pressure compensation
  • Protecting the glass edge and the edge composite
  • Proper operation of the element

Today it is no longer possible to get by with just one packer material, just one packer width or just one packer thickness. Diverse frame designs and support conditions require individual glazing packer solutions. We offer you exactly such solutions with our glazing packers and a broad range of accessories for safe, exact working conditions.

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