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Casement crank-opener Roto X-Drive Operator

With the Roto X-Drive Operator, casement windows can be conveniently opened up to 90° and closed. In addition, Casement&Awning windows close especially well, as the wind pressing against the closed window automatically compresses the gaskets.

The operator itself contains a cog which transmits the movement exerted on the scissors-sliders by the crank, pressing the sash outward.

Roto X-Drive Operators are available in four different variants, which feature different scissor designs depending on the window size and weight. For example, there are special scissor stays for escape windows or with an “easy-clean” function. All scissor stays are made of stainless steel and are therefore corrosion-resistant.

The optional, interchangeable covers for the Roto X-Drive Operator are available in PVC or metal and in a wide variety of attractive colours. Individual customer requests can be taken into account.

Diverse Operator-Ausführungen
Roto X-Drive Operator "Dual" im Fenster

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