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  • The concealed drive for windows

    The concealed drive for windows

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Comfort & barrier-free living

Controlled ventilation is often practical exactly when no one is there to do it.
With the Roto E-Tec Drive we therefore offer you a new dimension in comfort by ensuring a fully automatic air exchange with our electric window drive in interaction with intelligent technology. And that in living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, early in the morning while offices are still empty or with inaccessible fanlight windows in factory halls or public buildings. The following additional comfort options are available to you for this purpose:

  • Radio controlled: Windows can be controlled by remote control
  • Time switch: Widows can be automatically opened and closed at specified time intervals
  • Wind sensor: Windows close automatically when a certain wind speed is exceeded
  • Rain sensor: Windows close automatically even in light rain
  • Roto E-Tec MTS: Control of a thermostat sensor for control of the heating capacity
  • Suitable for use with BUS system: Can be integrated in the central building control system, e.g. for intelligent night cooling in office rooms
  • • To be controlled either via switch or via smart home systems
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Roto E-Tec Drive

Roto E-Tec Drive

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