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  • The universal hardware for aluminium windows and balcony doors

    The universal hardware for aluminium windows and balcony doors

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Opening restrictors have become an indispensable part of the modern window-fabricating industry: They prevent uncontrolled sash movements, e.g. by draught and wind, as well as by mishandling, which give rise to high maintenance and repair costs.

Braked and damped opening restrictor

The optional braked and dampened opening restrictor is specially harmonised to the hardware system and allows very sophisticated tenders to be submitted.

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Special opening restrictors

These days, aluminium window manufacturers are finding a growing number of specifications with the requirement to install opening restrictors certified in accordance with DIN EN 13126-5, application 5/6 and provided with the relevant test documentation.

The following options are available:

  • With brake and stop for more sash protection
    The integrated, infinitely adjustable brake and stop provides a basic opening restrictor function and prevents uncontrolled window sash movements, e.g. by wind.
  • With lockable stop function for more protection for the user
    With lockable stop function the maximum sash opening angle can be adjusted and set. A sash can only be fully opened by unlocking the stop function, e.g. for cleaning purposes.
  • With lockable, but bypassable stop function for more convenience for facility management
    Relocking a sash that has been fully opened using a key is facilitated. The defined restriction is reactivated simply by passing over the stop. Additional locking with the key is not necessary.
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