11th Roto International Trade Press Day

Deventer plant tour

The Deventer Group integration into Roto Frank AG was a key reason behind Berlin’s selection as the 11th International Trade Press Day venue. In the lead-up to the two-day event, the approx. 70 journalists from 17 countries visited the main Deventer plant in Berlin-Spandau. Deventer is a manufacturer of window, door, gate and frame gaskets. 

A venue steeped in history

The first day ended at the Old Mint, a former embossing plant converted into an event location. The building’s eventful history is also part of German history. This is where the Reichsmark, DDR mark, D mark and euro coins were minted.

The 15th November Trade Fair Day venue was the Berlin “Bärensaal”. Another historic location: The “Bärensaal”, inaugurated in 1911, lies within the “Alten Stadthaus”, erected as a Berlin town hall extension. According to its historical dedication, the “Bärensaal” is a Berlin festival hall for public life. The building is one of the historic centre’s most important monuments and is now used by the Berlin Senate Internal Affairs and Sport Administration and the Monument Protection Office.

Eight Trade Press Day presentations

  • Market trends and company development – status and perspectives [Dr. Eckhard Keill, Chairman of Roto Frank AG Board of Directors, Michael Stangier, Financial Director of Roto Frank AG]
  • Central Europe region – Close to the customer with problem-solving expertise in practice [Volker Fitschen, Manager Central Europe, Window and Door Technology Division of Roto Frank AG]
  • RotoQ – premium quality in the mid-range price segment and world premiere of the next configuration level of the roof window generation [Christoph Hugenberg, Chairman of Roto Roof and Solar Technology]
  • Roto Newcomer Campaign: Industry, business and trade working together for success [Katharina Kulus, Head of PR & Content Marketing in the Roto Frank AG Roof and Solar Technology Division ]
  • Burglary protection and politics – Experience of a European initiative and a new German study [Dr. Eckhard Keill, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Roto Frank AG]
  • Combating apartment break-ins – who needs to take Action? [Reinhold Hepp, German Forum for Crime Prevention (DFK)]
  • Minimal. Universal.  -  Innovative system platform for parallel and Tilt&Slide Solutions [Udo Pauly, Head of Marketing of the Roto Window and Door Technology Division ]
  • From component manufacturer to system solution provider– the Roto strategy and its principles [Dr. Eckhard Keill, Chairman of Roto Frank AG Board of Directors]

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Roto Group on track | long-term company strategy

Despite the, on balance, strong market- and currency-related headwinds, the Roto Group once again in 2016 remains on track. This is ultimately also reflected in the around 620 million euros forecast total sales, which is just below the level reported the previous year. For 2017, for the first time in years, Roto does not expect any further market stresses below the line, rather an “overall” stabilization. Company development is expected to be noticeably better with between 4 and 5 percent sales growth. These were the core board of directors messages issued during the 11th International Trade Press Day to characterise Roto Frank AG’s status and prospects. The Roto Group’s long-term company strategy is primarily based on two pillars. Their foundation is global alignment as well as the transformation from a pure component manufacturer to a window and door technology system vendor. Specific customer benefits are the most important bases of Roto actions.


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