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Press releases


Everything you need for aluminium windows and balcony doors

The extended version of the central reference work “Aluminium Compendium” is now available from Roto / Clear structures and handy range overview / The complete range including all new additions at a glance


Press releases


Roto Patio Alversa: Progress through installation

Minimises manufacturing costs / Universal hardware for Parallel Sliding and Tilt&Slide systems: Confirmed practical benefit / Fast production and easy variant changes / Efficient use of interchangeable components / Coordination of assemblies simplifies production / Intelligent height...[more]

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Living in a vertical forest in the middle of the city: window sashes up to 3000 mm high for a pleasant view of the greenery

Urban densification of the future / The “Bosco Verticale” residential ensemble demonstrates “stacked nature” / Modern aluminium windows for an unobstructed view of a vertical forest / “Roto AL” brand hardware moves turn-only and Tilt&Turn window sashes up to 3000 mm high


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'Roto Patio Lift' for aluminium sliding systems

'Roto Patio Lift' – the cost-effective easy-to-use aluminium lift&slide system hardware solution / With extension kit, suitable for sashes up to 400 kg overall weight / Optional small gap ventilation sliding system components can be integrated / Espagnolette prepared for the standard...[more]

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Talks on new dimensions

Chinese delegation visits Roto / Guests and “extra special” occasion / Creation of new apartments for 20 million people / Major Roto customer is committed to a huge building project / Hardware specialist would also be a beneficiary / World economy needs free trade


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Roto remains in purchasing mode

Roto makes an acquisition in China / Takeover of Union Ltd, a hardware supplier with 450 employees / Investment to support expansion / Strengthened manufacturing expertise / Financing affirms stability / New addition will continue as an independent business / “Supporting free trade instead of...[more]

Press releases


Practised customer benefits – Roto Patio Alversa

Roto: The launch of “Patio Alversa” / A good start for universal parallel and Tilt&Slide system hardware / Minimum outlay – maximum added value / Changeover by BE Bauelemente / Expectations fulfilled and benefits confirmed / “The right direction” / four versions

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