Premium-level door hinge

High-quality aluminium main doors and flat entrance doors are on-trend. The “Roto Solid C” concealed door hinge is now also available for outward opening versions. According to the manufacturer, it stands out thanks to the practical advantages it offers in terms of appearance, functionality and processing.

Leinfelden-Echterdingen - (rp) Aluminium main doors and flat entrance doors are more and frequently the first choice for builders. This applies to high-quality, large models in particular. They win over investors mainly due to their attractive design characterised by sleek outlines on the one hand, and their material-specific durability on the other hand. The manufacturer reports that door producers can now also equip outward opening versions with the “Roto Solid C” concealed hinge. The member of the “Door” portfolio, which includes multipoint lockings and thresholds alongside door hinges, offers a ten-year performance warranty.

The new version impresses in practice with various advantages. For instance, it ensures that even doors weighing 140 kg are easy to open and close at an angle of up to 110°. It also supports the burglar inhibiting design of aluminium doors in accordance with RC 2. The concealed mechanics combine the “aesthetic” factor with the user benefit of simple and easy door cleaning. While the continuous gasket level minimises heat losses, the self-lubricating hinge bush eliminates the need for maintenance on the door. Important proof of quality: the continuous operation characteristics tested on the basis of DIN EN 1191 ensure fault-free functionality even over 200,000 cycles according to Roto.

The extremely high corrosion resistance of the surface of all components in accordance with DIN EN 1670 Class 5 underlines the premium character of “Solid C”. The door hinge, available in silver and black, is suitable for many standard profiles. To process the outward opening version, compared to the inward opening type, only additional mounting accessories and a different height adjustment module are required. According to the predictions, aluminium doors may therefore continue to enjoy increased popularity – regardless of the opening type.

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