Trade Press Day 2017: Continuing to tackle difficult tasks in 2018

Burglary protection and politics remain an important topic for Roto / Active in Germany in 2017 / Focus on maintaining targeted contacts / “A great deal of recognition” specifically for the forsa study / DFK letter as successful stage / Confirmed Roto positions / Diverging political interests / Pause due to campaign / New attempts at achieving clarity in Berlin / “Quadro Safe” campaign: another industry benchmark

Continuing to tackle difficult tasks in 2018

Leinfelden-Echterdingen / Böblingen – (rp) “The work ‘behind the scenes’ was and remains correct and important.” On the occasion of the 12th International Roto Trade Press Day, this is how Dr Eckhard Keill summarised the status of the construction supplier’s consistent involvement in burglary protection on the political stage. As the Chairman of the Board of Directors explained in mid-November 2017, the efforts concentrated on Germany, after the demand – supported by specialist journalists – for an “alliance for burglary protection” throughout Europe was ultimately “ground down by the grinding wheels of bureaucracy in Brussels.” On balance, the current intermediate assessment shows a positive trend. However, it is worth continuing to tackle this difficult task.

Work over the past year has focused on establishing and maintaining targeted contacts to multiplicators in order to acquire them to convey “our positions and arguments.” In numerous meetings between Roto and experts, the latter expressed “a great deal of recognition” for the efforts made across different companies. Specifically, the forsa study that was commissioned by Roto in 2016 and is representative of the population was the subject of a great deal of attention, as was confirmed by these experts. The key outcomes of the study include the fact that two-thirds of German citizens are open to legal minimum standards for burglary protection.

Keill emphasised the example of the intensified dialogue with the German Forum for Crime Prevention (DFK), a foundation administrated by the Federal Ministry of the Interior. In this connection, he referred to a letter addressed by current Federal Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection, Heiko Maas, in his role as President of the German Forum for Crime Prevention, to the ministries involved at national and state level as a “concrete successful stage.” A letter expressing the same sentiments was also sent to the parties in government in all federal states.

The head of Roto considers the statements contained in this letter to be “very pleasing.” These include the following opinions: “There are many arguments in support of extending the funding options to include new buildings” and “minimum standards for security technology enshrined in building regulations could even largely eliminate the need for financial funding in the medium and long term.” At its core, it is identical to the opinion of the hardware manufacturer.

However, diverging interests were encountered in the ministries involved. They could be reduced to the formula “security versus costs”. This is potentially the reason why a face-to-face meeting between the Roto Board of Directors and Baden-Württemberg specialist ministers has not yet been achieved, despite repeated attempts. Due to politics switching to “campaign mode”, there was virtually a “forced pause” in activities from the middle of the year. But they are merely interrupted and not ended by any means.

Keill therefore announced new attempts at communication as soon as there is clarity in Berlin about government, ministries and relevant committees. Just like Maas, the window and door technology specialist considers that burglary protection is “a duty which is important to the whole of society and must be continuously developed. Policies have a key role in this regard.” This is exactly what people should continue to “actively remember” in 2018.

Reliable added value in practice: “customer benefit”

In front of the international trade press, Keill additionally addressed the status of his company’s “Quadro Safe” campaign, established back in 2014. It remains the industry benchmark for contemporary burglary protection initiatives. In 2017, this was confirmed by its extension to Switzerland and the number of companies involved, which increased to a total of more than 1000. While around 820 partners were registered in Germany by the beginning of November, approximately 125 companies were involved in Austria and about 90 in Switzerland.

The continuously expanded marketing and support package plays a key role in this. It enables companies to address consumers professionally and at the same time ensures that the interconnected initiative is constantly updated as required. Its added value can be relied on in practical applications yet again in 2018. Its most important customer promise: “specific customer benefit with certainty.”

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