“The experts”: Roto Object Business provides advice at the BAU 2019 trade fair

“The experts”: Roto Object Business provides advice at the BAU 2019 trade fair

Leinfelden-Echterdingen / Munich – Glass and aluminium facades play a pivotal part in many styles of contemporary architecture. Whether sculptural, technical, specialist or functional aspects – “the experts” from the Roto Object Business help to produce customised facades with hardware solutions for windows and balcony doors. They advise facade and window manufacturers, architects and inventors when it comes to designing and developing the required building elements. If required, “the experts” also develop and test new hardware solutions for non-standard elements.

To complete a facade design and to prepare offers properly and quickly, architects and facade or window manufacturers need reliable statements about the technical feasibility of the planned window solutions at an early stage. This is why the experts from the Roto Object Business ensure that any outstanding issues are specifically addressed as quickly as possible. For this, they use an extensive network of experienced specialists from system providers and the facade construction sector. As a result, they make binding statements about technical feasibility and demonstrate alternative hardware technology for different demands. This involves testing the requirements for the hardware to be used and designing tailored standard or special solutions for the property.

Visualising concepts with in-house prototype construction
Visualising the envisaged hardware solution using a prototype makes discussing possible optimisations simpler for the product that is later manufactured in series production, and accelerates the design process. For this purpose, the experts from the Roto Object Business produce samples of standard and special components in next to no time by means of 3D printing. Requests for customised colours can also be realistically reproduced.

Tested and certified 
In the Roto ITC, the company’s own, certified test centre in Leinfelden known as the “International Technology Centre”, window and hardware tests are performed for individual project solutions in compliance with national and international standards, in the proper manner. This also lays the foundations for property-specific warranty extensions. Deadlines for customer-specific test structures are always met in good time. With the excellent flexibility this achieves for testing project solutions, preparations are designed to be time and cost-efficient right up to the start of production.

Side by side with experts
The experts from the Roto Object Business also ensure optimum operating convenience, an appealing design and the highest standards of security when it comes to specially developed hardware solutions, too. The customer services provided by the Roto Object Business also include on-site support with window production. The range of services also includes training employees from the window manufacturer during the initial production steps and adapting the flow of materials and goods in production to the specific requirements of a project. A customised logistics concept ensures short delivery times and on-time delivery during the production phase. Customer-specific labels and packaging help streamline processes and ensure reliability in the design process.

Comprehensive building management documentation
These services are supplemented by the creation of project-specific documentation and an expert after-sales and spare parts service after the project is complete. Window manufacturers, facility management and builders are provided with a reference work to assist them with all hardware-related information about the property.

Since the expansion of the Roto Object Business in 2014, the specialists from this team have been providing their services for projects on all of the world’s continents. “Nowadays, it is therefore beyond dispute that Roto can be considered a highly respected and valued partner of many aluminium facade specialists around the globe,” reports Jordi Nadal, Managing Director of Roto Aluvision Europe and Americas. “By regularly attending BAU in Munich, we offer existing customers and potential new clients a platform for exchanging ideas related to properties and specialist technical issues.”

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