Sliding more intelligently

Nuremberg/Leinfelden-Echterdingen - (rp) Roto came to the “fensterbau/frontale” 2012 with an extensive range of new products. According to the hardware specialist, it also influenced the “Patio” product range for large sliding windows and doors. As a result, the product line for Tilt&Slide and Fold&Slide solutions will be expanded to be just as customer-oriented as the portfolio for sliding elements made of timber, timber/aluminium and PVC.

In the course of a relaunch of the “Patio S” and “Patio Z” Tilt&Slide series (with integrated positive control) for aluminium profiles, a new product has been added with the “S 160 Alu”. With it approx. 2.40 m high sashes weighing up to 160 kg can now be realised. Among other things, this enables the use of energy-saving thermal insulation elements with triple glazing. The basis for this is a new bogie concept which allows the retracting distance to be increased from 101 mm to 117 mm, therefore permitting the use of deeper sash profiles. According to Roto, a new height adjustment with a safety clip and an additional bogie securing device also make installation easier.

In addition, the hardware is convincing from a visual standpoint. Discreet cover caps and extremely flat bogie covers enhance the door’s visual appearance. As the manufacturer said, smooth-running, low-noise rollers with a large diameter of 28 mm increase the ease of operation just like the quiet engaging in the tilting position achieved with bullet catches made of special PVC. The new product also offers the retail trade real logistics and cost advantages. This is proven by the use of the same components for different versions and the reduced stock-keeping.

Further speciality
The “Patio Life” program for large sliding elements has also been expanded. It is now also suitable for balcony doors between flats and terraces or balconies based on the “Vekaslide” profile (PVC). This version initially has all general strengths of the system, which moves the gasket level and not the door elements themselves. In this context the company once again emphasised that the definition of Lift&Slide doors according to DIN EN 13126-16 is therefore fulfilled. In addition, the “great ease of operation” thanks to the principle of moving the horizontal gaskets up and down directly via the handle is another major advantage. That’s because this avoids the otherwise very laborious task of having to lift the door.

Furthermore, the intelligent sliding solution offers additional practical advantages for operation, security and the use of energy. Firstly, the system suitable for sash weights up to 400 kg takes the trend to increasingly large-area, heavier window elements into account. Secondly, a concealed and therefore invisible night ventilation ensures effective protection against rain, insects, dirt and ultimately also burglars, as the balcony door itself remains completely locked. Thirdly, the basic variant already provides a security level in accordance with RC 2. Fourthly and finally, the just 56 mm high and therefore barrier-free threshold, the thermally insulating material structure of which improves the energy efficiency while at the same time preventing cold bridges, rounds out the basic arguments for “Patio Life”.

The new “Vekaslide” alternative provides a permanently high impermeability of the elements. It is based on the prefabricated sealing parts and the structural water drainage at the threshold. The latter can be machined without the special equipment such as extraction devices otherwise often required.

New segment and old strengths
Otherwise, the “RotoSwing” handle range previously offered for windows is now also available for sliding doors. According to the specifications, four different sets are available. Then the “characteristic features” of the product range remain unchanged. In addition to the curved, ergonomical lever shape, another outstanding feature of these handles is an exclusive design criterion that conceals the rosette when the handle is closed. In conjunction with a large number of RAL or special colours, this results in a broad range of designs. And regardless of which option is chosen, this range made from diecast aluminium that comes with a 10-year functional warranty guarantees long-term high quality.

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