Secure and zero barrier Tilt&Turn doors

New from “Roto NX” / Zero barrier Tilt&Turn doors in RC 2 N and RC 2 / Successfully tested with common thresholds / Currently PVC, timber to follow at a later stage too / Does not depend on the ground structure / Load bearing capacity of 130 kg even in the standard version / High corrosion protection and tested continuous operation

Leinfelden-Echterdingen - (rp) In the window and door industry, accessible building has opened up the possibility of appealing to virtually all age groups with its products. For instance, in addition to “classic” jobs in retirement homes and hospitals, the demand of private builders for modernisation and new build solutions suitable across the generations has also increased. Balcony and terrace doors are among the focal points. Experts recommend the use of burglary-proof glass here because, as Roto explains, these are “particularly vulnerable points” in the building envelope.

However, this glass makes the sash heavier, as does the requirement to take energy efficiency into consideration. This significantly increases the requirements for hardware, not least in conjunction with the growing number of tenders for “0 mm thresholds”. According to its own statements, the window and door technology specialist is responding to this with suitable developments and is now offering as standard convenient and secure solutions for PVC Tilt&Turn balcony doors in the “Roto NX” product range. They are already tailored to profile systems from various manufacturers and tested with common thresholds. Alternatives for timber will follow in the medium term.

As Roto goes on to state, in the “NX” zero barrier system, a hook that is push-back safeguarded up to 300 kg blocks any movement of the hardware in the closed handle position. Only eight mushroom cams are enough to produce balcony door designs in resistance classes RC 2 N and RC 2 with a sash weight of up to 130 kg even in the standard version. With its load bearing capacity of 150 kg, the hinge side P also ensures greater flexibility for processors.

The same applies to the new pivot rest. This allows floorers to work conveniently right up to the accessible threshold. The fact that the door does not depend on the ground structure makes it possible to produce double-sashed balcony door versions with floating mullion. Thanks to the low depth, the hardware can also be used to design elegant window facades with a low profile depth.

The “highest possible” corrosion protection offered by the new “Roto Sil Level 6” surface is cited as offering additional benefits in terms of quality. The width of the claw components makes them compatible with all common Euro-groove profiles. Last but not least, the Tilt&Turn hardware boasts ift certification (QM 328) in accordance with Class H3 with 20,000 operational cycles.



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