Roto Patio Inowa: Further cooperation for sliding systems with Gealan

“Smoovio” sliding system is based on “Roto Patio Inowa” / Maximum performance values / PVC profile specialist Gealan chooses “complete sealing” / Innovative closing movement: no raising of heavy weights / Roller unit guarantees that the sliding element “runs as light as a feather” / Extensive range of applications / Additional free space in front of windows

Roto: further cooperation for sliding systems

Leinfelden-Echterdingen - (rp) Whenever Gealan features the practical construction of the new “Smoovio” sliding door on the seminar schedule in its Future Centre, Roto is always involved. To achieve long-lasting maximum performance values for watertightness, airtightness and soundproofing, the new sliding system from the manufacturer based in Upper Franconia is exclusively combined with “Patio Inowa” components.

In this context, the PVC profile specialist describes the opportunity to place locking points individually with the hardware product range as “an extremely important cooperation factor.” This proven technology has led to a future-proof locking mechanism, which is based on the principle of conventional Tilt&Turn products to guarantee circumferential sealing planes around all sides of the closed sash. The result is complete insulation against external influences.

“Patio Inowa” hardware was also chosen “because it can be used to produce elements up to 200 kg while still ensuring that they are user-friendly.” Roto explains that this is made possible thanks to the special closing movement perpendicular to the frame. It also eliminates the need to raise the active sash to unlock or lock it. Instead, it is just retracted inwards by a few millimetres. This retraction, the simple handle operation and the smooth self-retraction make using the elements convenient and safe, even with maximum weights.

“Smoovio” sliding elements also “run as light as a feather” thanks to the use of robust roller units which can support weights of up to 200 kg from Roto’s range. They are equipped with high-quality plastic rollers mounted on ball bearings and an electroplated, corrosion-resistant housing.

Gealan cites the low depth in the sash and frame as an additional advantage offered by the new sliding system. It firstly makes it possible for production systems to work on the frame, which is welded on all sides, economically. Secondly, it enables the sliding system to be used in the renovation sector. Overall, the extensive range of applications spans public and commercial facilities, hotels and private homes.

As the manufacturer stated in conclusion, the cooperation resulted in “a really exciting solution that allows areas directly in front of windows to be used efficiently and to the benefit of more living space. In the case of previous sliding alternatives, this additional advantage could often only be gained by compromising on sealing properties.” Thanks to the sophisticated locking mechanism in “Smoovio”, this is now a thing of the past.

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