Open the door, roll the film

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – (rp) Extensive door-technology competence demands a professional demonstration – this maxim is something that Roto now realises in a live and a virtual setting. The instrument used: a new, roughly 100 sq. m large exhibition held in Austria’s Kalsdorf. The production site in the Group network has long been the development and production headquarters for the complete “Door” product range.

The latest investment serves to make the entire variety of precisely-matching hardware technology both visible and accessible on a “24/7” basis to customers and partners from - for example - retail and industry. A current total of 17 exhibits is used to explicitly demonstrate to visitors just how the different systems and solutions operate in practical terms. The spectrum extends from the classic multi-point locking systems to single and double-sashed doors while also covering electronic locking systems and door hinges, thresholds and accessory elements. Naturally, the presentation with its range of timber, aluminium and PVC, covers all door materials.

Directly adjoining seminar premises ultimately serve the exhibition as the core of an “integrated, information centre that is already actively used”. Door professionals in Austria already had an opportunity to be “virtual” guests at any time they wanted. This was made possible by a roughly 30-minute video, in which two “door experts” are led through the exhibition. Parties interested in the know-how imparted through sound and vision can access the film at www.roto-frank.com, Window and Door Technology Division.

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