New Tilt&Turn milestone

“Roto NX”: the Tilt&Turn hardware system for windows and balcony doors shaping the industry once again / Global market launch / International peak position: half a billion sets sold / Many years of development work / Comprehensive, innovative range is a safe investment / Manifold, real customer benefit / High level of efficiency / Comprehensive security / Increased comfort / Contemporary design / Numerous assembly premieres / Specific reasons to make the change / Full campaign package

New Tilt&Turn Milestone

(Leinfelden-Echterdingen) – (rp) Always making the right investment decision is without doubt one of the most important ambitions in business. It is exactly this certainty that Roto would now like to offer window manufacturers and installation companies in particular. The basis for this is a “Tilt&Turn hardware system for windows and balcony doors shaping the industry once again” that will be widely available at the beginning of 2018. With “Roto NX”, the producer is once again underlining its leading role in the hardware sector, with a constant focus on customer benefits. The comprehensive new range sets standards in the industry’s key topics for the future, namely efficiency, security, comfort, and design.

The company’s status as a pioneer and technological leader is down to company founder Wilhelm Frank, who developed the first hardware to be industrially manufactured in 1935. With this invention, he paved the way for tilting and turning windows using three-step operation rather than simply turning them. Several significant development steps in the path to designing two-handle and one-handle operation ultimately led to the premiere of “Roto NT” at the turn of the millennium. The global success of this Tilt&Turn range is primarily down to the consistent efforts in extending it into the universal range in the modular system. The result: today, Roto is the clear global market leader with approximately half a billion Turn-Only / Tilt&Turn sets sold since the company was founded.

Better as the friend of good

Continuously analysing and tracking market changes, as well as implementing them in the form of intelligent practical solutions, was and remains the foundation of our international leading position. The consistent path towards innovation is now documented in the next “comprehensive generation change”. After several years of development work, including intensive trend scouting and specific customer surveys, the future of Tilt&Turn hardware has a new name.

True to Voltaire’s saying, which we have amended slightly, the motto “better is the friend of good” applies to “Roto NX”. This is because the range combines elements from the proven “NT” series with new or considerably optimised assemblies. This concept makes the range a “safe choice” for window manufacturers, installation companies, building element dealers and building hardware dealers, as well as private builders and property owners. The new “milestone” ensures the following specific properties:

  • A high level of efficiency. The system guarantees simple and fast assembly during production and installation. It also significantly reduces storage and logistics expenditure. This saves time and money. The range is also impressive as a result of its high level of quality and because it complies with the relevant standards.
  • Distinct security – in multiple aspects at once. Firstly, new components ensure increased burglary protection, for example due to a tilt position in accordance with RC 2. Secondly, the system can be worked on with increased safety as higher loads are possible even in the standard version. Thirdly, the extensive breadth and depth of the product range also results in maximum reliability and decision-making certainty.
  • Increased comfort. Firstly, the system impresses because it is easy to handle and remains fully functional in the long term. Secondly, it improves living comfort, for example by optimised ventilation properties and integration into the home automation system.
  • Contemporary design. This is the result of features such as concealing cover caps, attractive powder coatings and screws concealed by stay hinges. The high loads also allow a modern room design with large glass surfaces.

From hinge sides to balcony door bullet catches

The hardware specialist will go into these general advantages in specific detail using the new assemblies as an example. The short profiles at a glance:

  • Hinge side P for PVC windows: the standardised drilling and screwing pattern in the standard version makes an additional screw fixing unnecessary up to a sash weight of 130 kg and therefore reduces the installation effort. The standard hinge side (stay bearing and pivot rest) for a sash weight of 130 kg ensures that a reduced number of items are required. The sash stay, consisting of stay arm and stay guide, features integrated night ventilation, which makes an additional frame component unnecessary. The stay guide, which can be used on the right-hand and left-hand side, and two stay bearings and pivot rests, instead of the previous four, also resulted in a reduction in the number of items used. The hinge side for a sash weight of 130 kg and 150 kg is suitable for larger, modern windows with heavy glass elements. The stay guide with integrated night ventilation further improves living comfort, while the sash which runs through the night ventilation function automatically at a handle position of 135° can be operated intuitively. A harmonised overall appearance is the result of the stay hinge covering all screws on the 130 kg hinge side. In the equivalent component for a sash weight of up to 150 kg, the optimised screw position is also a technical benefit for the two visible additional screws. The large colour selection for cover caps and the addition of the new “Titanium” surface to the range of powder-coated surfaces create scope for custom designs.
  • Hinge side T for timber windows up to a sash weight of 150 kg: the component, which will be available in the second half of 2018, impresses in principle with the same strengths as the version for PVC windows. These include a night ventilation integrated into the sash stay and concealed screws.
  • “TiltSafe”: according to the information provided, each of the three identical security tilt ventilation components made of steel for installation on the right-hand or left-hand side are suitable for achieving burglary inhibition in accordance with RC 2 with the windows in the tilt position, when used in conjunction with other elements such as security locking cams and a lockable handle. When optionally combined with the “Roto E-Tec Drive” concealed tilt opening and locking drive (RC 2 certification in the pipeline), convenient incorporation into the home automation system is possible. The tilt-depth of up to 65 mm, which is possible in the mechanical and electrical version, is reflected in a better room climate, which is also the result of the high air exchange rate.
  • High backset espagnolette: because the faceplate and gearbox / lock casing are disconnected from a backset of 25 mm and above, the number of items and therefore the storage space required are reduced, while the components can be individually configured at the same time. The “EasyMix system” enables installation to be performed without screws, since the faceplate and gearbox / lock casing can be connected both securely and easily by clipping them in.
  • “Plus” lever-operated espagnolette: the one-part connecting rod ensures a connecting-rod movement that is synchronous with the lever. This results in a uniform position of the strikers on the active and passive sash, which therefore requires just one jig. The fact that the lever-operated espagnolette is supplied in the turn position, and therefore in the virtually open 180° position, noticeably speeds up cropping and installation in the sash. Since the handle is placed in the opening position at almost 180°, the risk of injury decreases as the operating convenience increases.
  • Lifting mishandling device: the option of switching between right and left allows accidental incorrect release to be corrected quickly. A slot in the arm of the sash component provides access to the spring.
  • Mechanical balcony door bullet catch: height compensation of up to 7 mm on the sash component makes it possible to position the frame component and sash component so that they are literally a perfect fit. A stable structure with two internal, rigid spiral springs increases functional safety in the long term and therefore reduces the volume of complaints. This module also provides specific benefits in terms of comfort thanks to improved run-in characteristics and the low level of force required to tilt the sash.

Assistance with making the Change

With the world premiere of “Roto NX”, the hardware specialist is writing a new chapter of progress in the Tilt&Turn story “considerably shaped” by the company. The innovative range offers the intelligent solutions required for the window topics of the future, originates from a reliable, stable partner, ensures durability and high quality and, not least, stands for German engineering skill. Changing over to the new hardware system is therefore “always the right decision” for customers.

The market launch will be accompanied by a campaign package including marketing instruments in numerous languages. The range extends from print, image, film and online materials, through to events and all the way to training documents. Detailed online information can be found at www.roto-nx.com. In addition, processing companies are offered the opportunity to receive active support when changing to the “Roto NX” era.

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