It's All Matched

Leinfelden-Echterdingen - (rp) Anyone who champions the cause of consistent marketing and customer orientation, has to “deliver” in both the true and the figurative sense of the word. At least that's how the Roto Group sees it – and wants to provide the necessary proof in practice for window and door technology. Here the company cites its overall expertise in the door technology sector, which covers both the product range and the related service, as an example that is just as current as it is comprehensive. This serves not only to strengthen its own competitive position, it also or especially provides a considerably higher utility value for market partners.

With the new “DoorSafe 600” lock product range, the hardware specialist has achieved its “important strategic goal” of clearly differentiating itself with the most complete range of door-related products and services from a single source. According to the manufacturer, the multi point locking systems for main entrance, escape and panic doors launched worldwide in August 2011 set particularly demanding standards with regard to security, (energy) efficiency and convenience. This is primarily based on the combination locking system consisting of bolts and a “power wedge”.

The building supplier's range of door technology is divided into four segments. While “DoorBase” stands for mortise locks, the broad “DoorSafe” portfolio includes mechanical, mechanical-automatic and electromechanical multi point locking systems, electrical openers and frame parts. “DoorLine” is a need-oriented door hinge repertoire, and “DoorPlus” combines accessory elements, such as door thresholds, floor-door gaskets, lever-handle sets and profile cylinders. From Roto's standpoint, the decisive argumentation in favour of this structure is: “All necessary components are exactly matched to each other.” For the retail trade this results, among other things, in a high level of consulting reliability. For door manufacturers and tradespeople in turn “networking” guarantees e.g. functioning process and project procedures.

Always together
In addition to a complete range of “hardware”, professional “software” is also provided. The company supports door manufacturers with special services for their efforts to increase the added value for their firm. A striking example of this is the engineering concept for individual production optimisation. Here as well, Roto offers what is probably the most complete package in the industry.

Based on an exact analysis of the actual situation in each case, the experts always develop, realise and check solutions for achieving “on-site” sustainable improvements together with the customer. These solutions may focus on the flow of materials and production buffers, logistics and workplace design, organisation and procedures, investments and product quality. The principle of being “close to the customer” becomes apparent here in its most direct form.

Efficiently holistic
Ultimately, the fact that there is a “control centre” for development, design and production of the entire door product range in the Roto Group considerably contributes to its strength on the market. The competence centre is located in the Austrian city of Kalsdorf, and is therefore also the site with the greatest production depth in the building supplier's international group of plants.

Mostly automated, the 27,000 square metre site contains its own tool building department, press department, electroplating facility, powder coating department, zinc die-casting department, PVC injection moulding department, prefabrication and special production for individual components, assembly as well as warehouses for semi-processed products and finished goods and the despatch department. Thanks to these “holistic capacities”, efficient processes and continuous investments, both small and large production volumes can be produced here as required. Naturally, including “DoorSafe 600”.

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