Intelligent hardware for an intelligent sliding door

Tightly sealed PVC sliding system: Aluplast and Roto collaborate for market success / Exclusive “Smart Slide” product combination / Special PVC profiles for “Patio Inowa” hardware / Window manufacturers benefit from precise coordination of profile and hardware / Fast production and marketing / Maintenance and durability as additional advantages

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – (rp) Verifiable high-quality work, market-specific specialisation and efficient logistics act as a good business card in the window and door industry. According to Roto, this especially applies when these attributes are down to an exchange of technology between partners and ultimately result in economical production. The exclusive “Smart Slide” product combination is a recent example of this, which also provides a concrete differentiation argument for window manufacturers for counteracting the growing competitive pressure while costs are also increasing.

The new, tightly sealed sliding door by Karlsruhe-based manufacturer Aluplast is based on PVC profiles specifically designed to enable intelligent “Roto Patio Inowa” hardware technology to be used. Thanks to the precisely coordinated elements, it is possible to produce the robust design for universal use relatively quickly. As an additional competitive advantage, this results in faster marketing of “the fully impressive values for thermal insulation, structure and tight sealing, as well as of the attractive slimline profiles thanks to concealed hardware.”

However, the reviews of the “intelligent duo” are positive when it comes to logistics and production, too. These logistics and production advantages mean that users of “Roto NX” have to store just a few more “Patio Inowa” components. In addition, it is possible to produce the sliding door on a standard system. The frame, which can be welded on all sides, means that prefabricating a single sash is enough. In addition, the fixed section can then be fitted at a later stage on site in the frame itself using a glazing bead without any hassle.

In addition to being efficient to work with, “Smart Slide” demonstrates its advantages when it comes to durability and maintenance: an innovative locking mechanism guarantees smooth self-retraction of the sash into the frame and therefore convenient operation of the sliding door. Hardly any force is required to open and close the sash. “This virtually eliminates the possibility of incorrect operation, which usually entails annoying complaints and time-consuming discussions with builders,” explains Roto.

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