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Colombo / Leinfelden-Echterdingen (D – (rp) The Roto Frank AG continues to build its position as a global player in 2013. The company announced that the recent acquisition of the Brazilian hardware producer Fermax is “an important step in this process”. It shows Roto’s strong commitment to strategic acquisitions, even in times of economic turmoil and insecurity. With the acquisition of the Canadian company Fasco in 2012, the construction supplier had already beefed up its position in North America.

According to Roto CEO Dr. Eckhard Keill, the company’s latest investment has “greatly strengthened” Roto’s starting position for tapping into the enormous growth potential of the Latin American window and door market. This is particularly true for an attractive BRIC-country like Brazil, offering “excellent growth opportunities” in the building sector. These opportunities are a result of large building projects for upcoming major sports events (Football World Cup 2014, Olympic Games 2016), as well as of  continuously increasing quality and convenience requirements for windows and balcony doors. Last but not least, Brazil is the single most important market in Latin America.

The new group member “fits perfectly” into Roto’s international portfolio for several reasons: As the number two on the Brazilian market, Fermax boasts great proficiency in fabrication and an extensive portfolio of special products required in the region. Thanks to its close-knit sales network, the company also ensures full-range supply of dealers and system manufacturers. As soon as the company is fully integrated into the Roto Group, it could also serve as an important bridge to markets in all of Latin America - both geographically and with regard to product policy. “The acquisition also underlines our company philosophy of being close to the customer“, Mr. Keill explained.

According to CFO Michael Stangier, this also means that the brand “Fermax”, founded in 1974 and thus well-known and well-established on the Brazilian market, will remain in place. All parties have agreed on keeping the hardware specialist company’s purchase price confident. Fermax is located in Colombo, in the province of Paraná. The company has 300 employees. This acquisition again underlines Roto’s systematic growth strategy, which translates into economic stability among other things. Mr. Stangier: “This is the only way to create the solid fundament that is necessary for such acquisitions.”

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