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Nuremberg/Leinfelden-Echterdingen - (rp) “Overall expertise means that all necessary system components are exactly matched to each other and professional service programmes offer useful additional services.” Roto summarised its business strategy for the door technology sector at “fensterbau/frontale“. The result is the “most comprehensive product portfolio” in this market segment. This serves not only to strengthen its own competitive position, it also provides a considerably higher utility value for market partners. For door manufacturers “networking” guarantees e.g. functioning process and project procedures. For the retail trade in turn this results, among other things, in a high level of consulting reliability. This is one of the reasons why the door portfolio was one of the focus points of the global construction supplier’s trade fair presentation.

In general the product range policy must take country-specific differences in locking systems - such as the distance between the profile cylinder and the handle, which usually differ from country to country and range between 70 and 94 mm - into account. Another country-specific difference is lever-handle operation vs. cylinder operation. For thresholds and hinges country-specific criteria e.g. for profile quality, instance for the depth of multi-chamber PVC profiles and special profile geometries need to be respected. The general trend of continually growing demand for individual, non-standard solutions and extras brings new challenges and tasks.

In spite these regional particularities, there are clear global developments. For instance the growing popularity of high and heavy entrance doors. The issue of energy efficiency, which has been mostly limited to windows up until now, will also become more important for doors in future. A growing demand for security requires intelligent solutions for effective and variable burglary protection.

Live premier in Nuremberg
Roto’s door technology range consists of four segments: “DoorBase“, “DoorSafe“, “DoorLine“ and “DoorPlus“. The result is a complete product line as required by market partners. Therefore the practical core message is “Everything from a single source”.

The “DoorBase“ product group covers the range of mortise locks. The wide choice of the “DoorSafe“ portfolio includes electrical openers, frame components and most notably multi point locking systems. In this context the manufacturer mentioned mechanical solutions for single and double-leafed doors (cylinder and lever-handle operated); automatic versions; and electro mechanic products. Roto highlighted the multi point locking systems “DoorSafe 600“ for entrance, emergency and panic doors, which were launched globally during the summer of 2011. The new lock generation, which was presented in Nuremberg for the first time “live”, sets new standards for safety and security, energy efficiency and convenience. It is primarily the exclusive combination lock that accounts for these superb qualities. This product innovation is fitted with a bolt and a 9 mm power wedge, being currently unique on the market. The operating principle: during locking, first the wedge engages, then the bolt. The resulting high gasket-compression prevents warping of the door and guarantees impermeability. The combination locking system also locks out cold and draught air, therefore significantly improving emission values and reducing energy costs.

The new “Door“ line is also characterised by numerous other advantages: Easy operation and suitability even for small backsets from 25 mm, outstanding burglary safety up to burglary resistance grade 3, stainless steel components for alu doors, as well as locks for doors of up to 3 meter height. A ten-year performance warranty and the corrosion-resistant surface “RotoSil Nano“ as standard equipment rounded off the list of benefits. In addition, door manufacturers benefit among other things from an “efficient platform strategy”, which includes i.e. a joint design basis of all cylinder and handle-operated locks. Furthermore, the modular design decreases the number of parts required and is thus reducing storage costs.

Considerable Expansion
The continued development of the “DoorSafe“ range was demonstrated with a number of innovations. Among them were the lever-handle operated multipoint lock “H600“, which ensures long-term impermeability of doors of up to 3 m height with just two extension pieces. With the multi-point locking system “C600“ with a 25 mm backset, Roto is bringing an especially low-cost but at the same time secure solution onto the market especially for narrow profiles. With two integrated power wedges the “C500“ - an alternative also devised for cylinder operated use - offers high burglary protection for double-leafed doors.

The “P650“ multi-point locking has been tested according to DIN EN 1125 for doors with panic function. Its two-key-turn espagnolette makes it easy to lock the door. Its counterpart, the “P600“ with double bolt locking has been certified for emergency exit doors in accordance with IN EN 179.

Another premiere: the “PowerLock” lever-handle operated automatic locking system. Its is easy to assemble, matches Euronut, therefore it requires no additional routing and permits latch conversion even in already mounted components. The lock is available with a backset from 28 mm and distances of 70 mm and 92 mm to cater to the special needs of the French market. This again underlines Roto’s general competence in country-specific developments.

Two Stars Awarded
Another example was presented in the “DoorLine“ product family: it includes a wide range of hinges for PVC and alu of different price categories and designs. All together there are eight product lines of up to 160 kg available. Large adjustment ranges permit individual fine-tuning on the hinge sides, as often required in real-life situations.

Roto also constructed two-part surface-mounted hinges specifically for the Dutch market: the “117 H“. They are used for outward opening PVC doors made of block profiles up to 160 kg. They confirm to CE specifications (class 14), were tested by the Europe-wide recognised Dutch SKG Institute and received two stars for proven burglary protection. Further benefits: no dirt-collecting edges due to its curved-shaped design, durability through high-quality materials, improved corrosion protection due to anodise-capable surfaces, convenient handling through perfectly fitting and adjustable drilling jigs and upwards demountable center pin.

Palpable progress
The “DoorPlus“ line offers barrier-free, watertight, thermally broken thresholds for entrance and balcony doors, floor door-gaskets and other accessories. According to Roto the threshold system “Eifel T/TB“ has also been complemented with new components. The adjustable cover bridge, a statically stable screw fitting in base profile can be integrated into the threshold without additional routing work and can be operated when already mounted. The dummy mullion seal’s performance profile includes e.g. better watertightness in the dummy mullion area, easy installation, a symmetrical structure which makes it applicable in different profile systems and last but not least the use with weather profile strips AD and MD.

“Texel”, the automatically retractable floor door-gasket rounded off the overview of the construction supplier’s innovations in door technology. With improved isothermal efficiency it provides better thermal insulation and remains reliable also when exposed to temperature fluctuations. A further asset item is easy installation without routing work thanks to compatibility with 16 mm Euronut. Reduction to two non-handed lengths croppable by 125 mm on both ends provides the practical benefit of covering a wide range of applications with just a few components.

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