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Smart hardware for tightly sealed sliding systems

The hardware system can be used in many different window formats, whether for the terrace as a floor-to-ceiling sliding element or for the kitchen as a small sliding window. It is available in the common frame materials PVC, timber, aluminium and timber-aluminium. Thanks to the hidden technology, particularly narrow frame profiles can also be used.

The hardware meets the requirements for air permeability class 4 (DIN EN 1026/12207) and driving rain tightness class 9A (DIN EN 1027/12208).
Another benefit is the sound insulation and noise protection, which is particularly important for buildings near the street or airport.

Smart sliding

  • very convenient even with higher weights because of roller-mounted construction and closing movement perpendicular to the frame profile

Tightly sealed

  • circumferential gasket and active locking points including in the mullion

More comfort

  • SoftClose function for smooth braking and automatic closing of the window sash

Fast installation

  • reduced installation time, i.e. by fewer screws

(1) Control unit / (2) Centre closer /  (3) Roller unit

A broad range of application

  • small kitchen window or large glass element for the terrace, many sizes are possible

Not only tightly sealed but also safe

  • circumferential hardware with active locking points in the mullion, tested safety

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