Com-Tec_DC1 Roto Com-Tec Sensor

Roto Com-Tec Sensor

Smart Home Ready



  • The wireless sensor can be integrated into all EnOcean systems, large range of applications in the building automation sector
  • Not visible from outside when closed, durable installation position, simple assembly of sensor and frame part with magnet
  • Less sensitive to tolerances, e.g. rebate-clearance adjustment
  • Clearly defined status detection
  • Protected against splashing water, prevention of complaints resulting from leak problems
Roto Com-Tec Sensor

Smart Home Ready



  • ISO / IEC EnOcean standard wireless profile, EEP: EnOcean equipment Profile
  • Installation on the sash
  • Accurate detection of the hardware Position
  • Detection the position of hardware (tilt/turn,locked) and sash position (open/closed), reporting of battery condition and night vent function
  • Housing is tightly sealed with IP54 rating
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