Floor door-gasket Texel: Water-tight zero barrier solution up to 600 Pa

Roto Eifel door sill systems have long been used by main door and balcony/terrace door manufacturers as the tried and tested solution for designing a barrier-free threshold in accordance with DIN 18040. The tested combination with the automatic Texel floor-door gasket, which can be triggered on both sides, now provides a water-tight zero barrier solution, and is more cost-effective and easier to install than all other similar systems on the market.

Increasing demand for barrier-free access points and passages in buildings is not just due to demographic change and the resulting rise in demand for age-appropriate housing – a “zero barrier” for unrestricted freedom of movement also increases living comfort for everyone. The new upwards opening Roto Eifel TB threshold and patented Texel floor door-gasket combination provides a solution for door threshold areas, and has achieved outstanding test results with a number of installation advantages.

The solution has been tested among other things for water tightness (DIN EN 1027 / 12208) and air permeability (DIN EN 1026 / 12207). According to these results, the Texel door gasket reliably prevents any water from penetrating into the door threshold area up to 600 Pa, which corresponds to class 9A. At the same time, the system provides maximum functional safety, even in the event of wide temperature fluctuations and thus guarantees a long lifespan. Neither extreme heat nor bitter cold lead to material deformation. A brush seal located in front of the gasket also effectively protects the threshold area against dust, further reducing its already low maintenance requirements.

Absolutely straightforward installation of threshold and gasket: No routing is required to install the floor door-gasket. Designed for the 16 mm Euro-groove and axis position 13, it is also ideal for aluminium doors. Roto Texel can be used for both DIN left and DIN right and can be cut to 125 mm on both sides without having to dismantle the gasket to make the cuts. The gasket-compression can also easily be adjusted after installation without even using tools.

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