New Tilt&Turn hardware "Roto NX": added comfort and convenience bring in more business

Comfort and convenience for good sales prospects: “Roto NX” / Hinge sides: sash stay with night ventilation as standard / “TiltSafe”: seamless integration into the home automation system / Design measures: improved handling increases customer satisfaction

Leinfelden-Echterdingen - (rp) Processors are increasingly applying different criteria when it comes to investing in new windows and balcony doors. While, in the past, the choice was mainly based on purchase costs, the sustainability of the purchased product has gained greater significance in recent years. According to Roto, this is why additional options such as those for increased ventilation, operating and therefore living comfort play a role in the decision to make a purchase.

The new “Roto NX” Tilt&Turn hardware system provides good selling points for market partners in these aspects, too. For instance, the hinge sides P for PVC windows up to a sash weight of 130 kg or 150 kg have a sash stay with night ventilation integrated as standard. With the special “TiltSafe”, the tilt distance of up to 65 mm contributes towards a larger ventilation cross section and therefore an increased air exchange rate which has a positive impact on the living environment. Installing and using an “E-Tec drive” also offers tangible added comfort and convenience. The sustainable efficiency required is ensured in particular by the seamless integration into the home automation system, for which purpose the “E-Tec Control MVS” magnetic locking and opening monitoring system is used.

As the manufacturer continues, when developing the entire range, a focus was placed on simplified handling, which is also a factor for achieving a high level of customer satisfaction. Greater operating convenience is also achieved by design measures. For instance, the night ventilation integrated in the hinge sides P for weights of 130 kg or 150 kg includes a taper action for this reason. This component harmoniously distributes the required operating force throughout the entire closing process. The result is a feeling of effortlessness, which becomes even more pronounced as the size of the window increases.

Improvements to the run-in characteristics and the retaining force of the mechanical balcony door bullet catch from the “Roto NX” range are also sure to meet with the full approval of private builders and property owners. The producer explains that the shape of the frame and sash component was modified to make these improvements possible. The modified positioning of the bullet catch below the handle moves the sash into the tilt position more quickly.



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