Environmental Declarations for Roto Products

For a number of years now in various European countries, there have been environmental declarations for building products in line with ISO 14025. These declarations (EPD - Environmental Product Declarations) contain indices based on an environmental balance sheet that describe the contribution that the products make to the greenhouse effect and resource use, as well as to acidification, overfertilisation, the formation of smog and – if relevant – land use, and also their respective specific toxic effects on humans and ecosystems.

The experts from the Schloss- und Beschlagindustrie e.V. professional association in Velbert (Germany) have also issued declarations on our products together with an independent institute.


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Umweltdeklaration Bänder Document type: Umweltdeklaration no. EPD_3_DE_v0 PDF 0.80 MB download view
Umweltdeklaration Fensterbeschläge Document type: Umweltdeklaration no. EPD_1_DE_v0 PDF 0.53 MB download view
Umweltdeklaration Schließzylinder Document type: Umweltdeklaration no. EPD_4_DE_v0 PDF 0.77 MB download view
Umweltdeklaration Schlösser Document type: Umweltdeklaration no. EPD_2_DE_v0 PDF 0.57 MB download view
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