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Roto Inside 24 (EN)

| 3 Jankó Ablak Premium windows for new buildings and listed buildings For sound and heat protection in historical buildings “Of course, it is a crime against a listed building if its often complex historical timber windows are replaced by soulless standard windows, possibly made of PVC,” Károly Jankó is also at pains to stress. “But the alternative isn’t simply to replace seals and paint old windows. Anyone living along a busy road today will have no peace and quiet behind such single-glazed windows.” He also points out that many of those who preserve old buildings are critical of windows with modern sealing because they can result in damp problems in the adjacent, uninsulated outside walls of an old building. “But that’s only the case if the windows are installed incorrectly”, emphasises Károly Jankó. “This is why our windows are installed only by very well trained, permanent installation teams. And either my son or I supervise the construction site.” Clarification and persuasion Lajos Kocsis, who succeeded in getting Péter Jankó as a guest speaker for a trade congress at the Hungarian construction trade fair Construma, points out that there is still a lot of clarification work to be done in this area. “During my presen- tation, I show windows that we installed many years ago in the historical facades of hotels here in Budapest. You can see exactly that there is absolutely no damage to the building substance, and at the same time the hotels confirm to us that their guests are extremely satisfied with the sound and heat protection.” This business family feels that its above-average level of commitment is why high-quality timber windows from Jankó are in demand today, and not just for old buildings. Since the company was founded in 1987, it has forged personal contact with architects who plan exclusive residential buildings and their clients, who are interested in high-quality timber and timber/ aluminium windows. Péter Jankó, the junior member of the family who takes care of sales and marketing, reports “We also place regular advertisements in the Hungarian living culture press, and now have five showrooms that build- ing owners and architects can come to for ad- vice.” Premium windows with triple glazing and an aluminium shell are regularly sold by Jankó at the exhibitions. His father Károly is pleased to report “We are very happy to have succeeded in building up a network of contacts via which we can reach the appropriate clientele in Hungary and Austria. Of course, it is fun to construct sophisticated special solutions to meet very discerning demands. Thanks to Roto, we are also able to realise optimum comfort in terms of the hardware technology.” In keeping with the style, Jankó Ablak planned double windows for the Estilo restaurant and four-star hotel in Budapest’s pedestrian zone. Thanks to the high-grade coating, expert installation and integrated continuous ventilation, they show absolutely no signs of wear even after seven years. Photo: Estilo Fashion Hotel (Member of Mellow Mood Group), Budapest, Váci u. 83. Only a few building owners in Hungary can afford high-quality windows with an aluminium shell and triple glazing. Károly Jankó is grateful: “We are we are very happy to have succeeded in building up a network of contacts via which we can reach the appropriate clientele in Hungary and Austria.” His son Peter wants to further expand the sales and marketing of Jankó Ablak. Sound and noise protection also makes inroads into historical buildings when Jankó Ablak windows are professionally installed, such as here in the Bohem Art Hotel. Photo: Bohem Art Hotel, Budapest,, Molnár u. 35. Working together for greater living comfort in historical buildings: Károly Jankó (left) and Roto Sales Manager Lajos Kocsis ■■ Timber Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, 30 workers are able to manufacture around 1,000 timber windows per month at the Jankó Ablak production facility in the Hungarian town of Szigetvár. Most of these windows are custom items, many of them for listed and historical buildings. “This is where we create genuine living comfort using windows that incorporate contemporary insulation but which are expertly installed just like the historical originals,” explains company founder Károly Jankó proudly. At the present time, he is working with his son Péter and Roto Sales Manager Lajos Kocsis on behalf of the inhabitants of the many old buildings in Hungary that are worthy of preservation. “We are committed to informing those protecting listed buildings­ in this country that timber windows that match the facade can be made to a quality that also meets people’s needs in terms of sound and heat protection,” explains Lajos Kocsis. He is also happy that with the help of the Jankó family, he can prove that modern living is also possible in old buildings. Safeguarding the company’s existence: Export to the Euro zone However, the Jankó family owes the full ­utilisation of its plant’s capacity to a third impor- tant mainstay, namely export. “The construction trade in Hungary has contracted so much that the only way to secure the future of a modern factory in which repeated investment is both desirable and necessary is through having a good export quota,” reports Károly Jankó. Today, the company already sells about 20% of the windows made in Szigetvár to its neighbours in Austria and to Sweden. “Every week, a truck loaded with timber win- dows leaves our works bound for Swedish con- struction projects,” explains Péter Jankó. “We owe this to the fact that my father is always investing and has built up one of Hungary’s most modern timber window production facilities.” “How quickly and at what price can you produce this or that type of window?” was the ques- tion that a Swedish building elements dealer asked Péter Jankó over the phone last year. And he liked the answer. “Thanks to the modern machines and control technology that we use, we can also deliver Standard to Premium timber windows both quickly and in large quantities, and to a quality that’s recognised throughout Europe.” Heading into an exciting future with his sons Fortune favours those who work hard – this old German saying springs immediately to mind when you look back over the 25-year history of the Jankó Ablak company. Károly Jankó, his wife and his son Péter are totally involved in the constant further development of their company and looking after their customers. “We love our windows. And so do our customers. That brings us together,” smiles Károly Jankó. And it’s clear that he’s looking forward to many more years working with his sons in the company. And it’s not just building owners who may find it worthwhile to take a glance at Jankó Ablak’s references on the Internet: . Nothing is impossible: Jankó Ablak supplies main doors as well as all sizes and formats of doors and windows to building owners in Hungary, Austria and Sweden.