• La nuova generazione di serrature Roto Safe C | C600

  • Roto Patio Alversa – La ferramenta universale per sistemi scorrevoli paralleli / ad anta ribalta s ...

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  • Roto Patio Inowa - La ferramenta intelligente per sistemi scorrevoli ad alta tenuta

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Smart sliding door now also RC 2-tested

Certainly easy to market thanks to the added security: the “smart-slide” PVC sliding door from aluplast with RC 2 technology / New “Roto Patio Inowa” strikers for the mullion increase the mechanical burglary inhibition


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On the safe side with this sliding system

Sliding system cooperation is paying off: “Smoovio” from Gealan passes RC 2 test / New “Roto Patio Inowa” strikers for the mullion offer increased security / Current sliding door further enhanced with PVC profiles


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Making windows “attractive”

Windows and the struggle against the low-interest image / Roto Trade Press Day with captivating panel discussion / Renowned experts from four countries (not always) in agreement / Image improvement campaign: not “whether” but “how” / Collective industry responsibility / Differences prevent...[leggi]

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Trade Press Day 2019: Roto takes action and trusts in its own strengths

Roto Group considers the economy to be in the stranglehold of politics / Worst fears are confirmed / Political crisis points affect markets and business / Punitive actions have a global impact / “Everyone suffers in the end” / Likelihood of a global economic downturn in 2020 / Conflict...[leggi]

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