Roto Patio Alversa

Universal hardware for minimum effort in Parallel Sliding and Tilt&Slide systems Minimal. Universal. Roto Patio Alversa enables different opening versions and ventilation functions for Parallel Sliding and Tilt&Slide systems made of timber, PVC and aluminium up to a sash weight of 200 kg to be produced with minimum effort.For the first time in the market, Roto has launched hardware for a Parallel Sliding system with tilt ventilation. The combination of auniversal central locking...

Floor door-gasket Texel: Water-tight zero barrier solution up to 600 Pa

Roto Eifel door sill systems have long been used by main door and balcony/terrace door manufacturers as the tried and tested solution for designing a barrier-free threshold in accordance with DIN 18040. The tested combination with the automatic Texel floor-door gasket, which can be triggered on both sides, now provides a water-tight zero barrier solution, and is more cost-effective and easier to install than all other similar systems on the market.

Roto AL for aluminium windows and balcony doors

Roto AL is the universal hardware for hinge-side, surface-mounted aluminium windows and balcony doors for sash weights of up to 130 kg. It sets new standards for fabrication friendliness and cost-effectiveness.This high-quality hardware system is designed in line with the modular principle and can be implemented for almost all current type and size of window, as well as for all opening types. » More information about Roto AL
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