Roto Patio S

Roto Patio S

Standard hardware for Tilt&Slide windows and doors

Large windows and balcony doors with sash weights of up to 160 kg can be realised with our standard Tilt&Slide system Roto Patio S for timber, PVC and aluminium profiles. We are also catering to the trend towards increasingly larger window sizes – including in the building of private homes – while also complying with the latest energy-saving and thermal insulation regulations with respect to heavy windows with the corresponding glazing.

The space-saving opening of balcony doors with Lift&Slide sashes instead of Turn-Only sashes permits optimum use of space, as no sashes project into the room. Even large and heavy Tilt&Slide elements can be tilted comfortably and pushed to the side.

But the Roto Patio Z, which also comes fitted with integrated positive control, makes things even more comfortable than with our Patio S.

Tilt&Slide doors allow comfortable access to terraces, balconies, conservatories or glazed extensions, but are also ideal for use in kitchens, work rooms and offices.

Suitable for

  • Tilt&Slide systems made of the frame materials timber and PVC
    Patio 100 S:
    - Sash weight up to 100 kg
    - Sash rebate width 600 – 1250 mm
    - Sash rebate height 600 – 2350 mm
    Patio 160 S:
    - Sash weight up to 160 kg
    - Sash rebate width 600 – 1650 mm
    - Sash rebate height 600 – 2700 mm
  • Tilt&Slide systems made of the frame material aluminium
    - Sash weight up to 150 kg
    - Sash rebate width 630 – 1680 mm
    - Sash rebate height 930 – 2330 mm

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