Roto Fentro

Installation Variations

With Roto Fentro you have various installation variations to choose from:

  • Fentro 200 frame installation
  • Fentro 200 M masonry installation 
  • Fentro 200 F flush installation
  • Fentro 200 frame system

Frame Installation Fentro 200

Fentro 200 frame installation

The complete installation can be carried out in the factory. The lateral required space is 29 mm on the slimline version, and 43 mm on the broad frame hinge version: slimline dimensions for better aesthetics.

An integrable sash hinge catch is available upon request, making predrilled holes for the shutter catch unnecessary. Depending on the shutter thickness, wall reveals of up to approx. 215 mm are possible.

Frame installation

Masonry Installation Fentro 200 M

Fentro 200 M masonry installation

All sash hinges are ± 3.5 mm height adjustable via a special regulator-sleeve and ± 4 mm laterally adjustable via the spindle. The frame hinges have an eccentric adjustment of ± 2.5 mm.

Sash hinges are available for both straight as well as 30° angled frame-hinge pin-holes. In addition, sash hinges are available for double-sashed shutters with external rotation point, as well as special hinges for PVC profiles with staggered screw positions that ensure that the screw fixings are positioned in the steel reinforcement.

Masonry installation

Flush Installation Montage Fentro 200 F

Fentro 200 F flush installation

The complete installation is carried out directly in the workshop. High stability is also provided without lateral screw-fixing side-stops by means of special packer screw fixing (on corner-brackets, central hinge supports, and long sash-hinge supports).

Roto Fentro 200 F is also suitable for aluminium profiles with a small overlap width and an integrable sash hinge catch is available upon request, making predrilled holes for the shutter catch unnecessary and enabling easy operation in the sash hinge/frame hinge area. Reveal depths up to approx. 185 mm possible.

Flush installation

Frame System Fentro 200

Fentro 200 frame system

The frame system is designed especially for PVC windows in combination with aluminium shutters. Due to the possibility of retro installation on site, this system is also particularly suitable for renovation projects.

Other decisive advantages include:

  • Small space requirement of 34 mm
  • Compatibility with the sash hinge catch to avoid having to predrill holes for the shutter in the masonry
  • More efficient installation with predefined frame-hinge heights
  • Mitre-free joint cutting of the assembly-frame system