Roto aluminium sliding system hardware technology at BAU 2017

New sliding system solutions – Roto hardware technology for every requirement / Diverse exhibits in Munich displayed Roto solutions for balcony doors up to 400 kg / Deliverable from the spring of 2017: innovative “Roto Patio Alversa” parallel and Tilt&Slide system

Roto aluminium sliding system hardware technology at BAU 2017

Leinfelden-Echterdingen / München – During BAU 2017 Roto presented a diverse range of aluminium sliding window and door hardware solutions , including some for extremely heavy sashes as well as tightly sealed, barrier-free and extremely convenient systems. The manufacturer’s aluminium specialists advised metal workers, system producers and architects on individualised modern system configuration for every requirement. Interesting exhibits provided an initial insight into the diversity of the “Roto Patio” hardware product range.

The “Roto Patio” aluminium balcony door product range now includes parallel sliding, Fold&Slide system hardware solutions as well as the tilt, lift and slide opening types. Window fabricators use the different ranges to flexibly design systems based on individual planner and builder requests. Roto specialists provide advice on the selection of components that guarantee the desired level of convenience and security. Five exhibits in Munich displayed aluminium system solutions, including the new “Roto Patio Alversa” parallel and Tilt&Slide system, which will be deliverable from the spring of 2017.

“Roto Patio Fold” –
the premium Fold&Slide system hardware

“Roto Patio Fold” Fold&Slide systems with sash weight and height elements of up to 100 kg and  2,830 mm respectively open and close over a width of up to six metres Up to seven doors are conveniently folded against a jamb and pushed to the side to save space; an eighth door element on the opposite jamb can be used as a Tilt&Turn or Turn-Only sash. Window fabricators create a Germany-wide, Thermal Insulation Ordinance-compliant Fold&Slide system with the both trip hazard and also barrier free “Roto Patio Fold” and “Roto Eifel” threshold combination in accordance with DIN 18040. A corresponding Roto exhibition stand exhibit received a great deal of attention.

“Roto Patio Lift” –
the standard hardware for large Lift&Slide doors up to 400 kg

The “Roto Patio Lift” hardware product range, also presented in a Munich exhibit, provides particularly cost-effective, durable and convenient solutions for Lift&Slide doors up to a weight of 400 kg. This range is therefore also suited for large, triple-glazed sash systems, as are increasingly used in central and northern Europe. This makes it possible to produce balcony doors with one or two movable sashes of up to a standard 300 kg as well as with a sash weight of up to 400 kg with an extension kit. The sash stop can take place on the frame, on fixed glazing or on a second movable sash. Optional strikers enable night ventilation. The high-quality “Roto Patio Lift” ball bearing roller bogie technology ensures that window sashes run smoothly and whisper-quiet. The espagnolette is already prepared for the standard inclusion of a profile cylinder and so fulfils various security requirements – with a minimum of logistics expenditure.

“Roto Patio Lift Light” –
the standard lightweight Lift&Slide window and door hardware

The new “Roto Patio Lift Light” hardware system presented in Europe for the very first time at BAU 2017 turns simple sliding systems into upgraded sealed and high-quality Lift&Slide systems. “Roto Patio Lift Light” is suitable for systems with a sash weight of up to 70 kg, as are often produced in Central and South America. “Roto Patio Lift Light” was developed for non-thermally broken aluminium Inline Sliding profile systems. The combination of this new Lift&Slide hardware with other Roto portfolio components enables a significant Inline Sliding window and door performance and seal improvement. “Roto Patio Lift Light” was therefore considered an extremely interesting innovation by many exhibition visitors at Fesqua 2016 – an exhibition that is held in Brazil every two years.

“Roto PatioInowa” –
the smart hardware for tightly sealed sliding systems

The “Roto Patio Inowa” hardware product range, which has been in great demand since its market launch at BAU 2015, combines convenient operation, a tight seal and appealing design in one. As a result, it is ideally suited for the production of particularly aesthetic aluminium sliding doors and windows with straight-line, narrow profiles in a modern design. “Roto Line” range handles round out the appealing aesthetics, as was shown by the exhibit at BAU 2017. The innovative closing movement transverse to the frame profile means that sliding systems fitted with “Roto Patio Inowa” are extremely convenient to operate with a low expenditure of energy. A circumferential gasket and the active control of all locking points, including in the mullion, ensure a tight seal. Sliding systems based on “Roto Patio Inowa” are therefore already in demand in a number of cities and countries in which, for example, sound reduction and strong wind and typhoon protection are an important consideration.

“Roto Patio Alversa” –
the new universal parallel and Tilt&Slide system hardware

From the spring of 2017, Roto will be the first provider to enable the production of parallel sliding solutions with tilt ventilation and added security to boot. That is when the innovative “Roto Patio Alversa” hardware product range will be introduced, which was presented for the very first time in an aluminium system at the Munich exhibition stand. The “Roto Patio Alversa | PS Air Com” parallel sliding system displayed at the exhibition is particularly easy to operate. Turning the handle automatically tilts the sash. The manual expenditure of energy pulling on the sash is not required. This allows even very large and heavy sliding doors up to 200 kg to be operated and tilted effortlessly. “Roto Patio Alversa” can be used to produce Tilt&Slide as well as parallel sliding systems with different ventilation functions. In particular, users of the “Roto AL” and “Roto NT” ranges for aluminium profiles with a 16 mm hardware groove will benefit from the greatest possible use of equivalent parts and the associated reduction in effort and expenditure on materials management, warehousing and production logistics. Roto announced that extensive information on the diverse aluminium balcony doors that can be produced with this range will be provided in the spring of 2017.

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